What we offer - Classes and ACBL Sanctioned Sessions



Do you want to learn this exciting game? We have ACBL accredited instructors available for group or individual lessons. Check our calendar on our website for  scheduled classes or contact us for special training to get you started quickly. 

"Intro to Bridge"  consists of 4, 2 hour sessions.  It explains the basics and some advanced bidding techniques.   The cost is $60 per person, or $100 for 2 if you sign up with a partner. At the end of the course, you will be given 2 free plays at any regular sanctioned games at BAFLAC.

1NT Bidding and responses; we cover all 1NT bids and suggestions on responses (including Crawling Stayman).

Slamming: we take the student first on how to recognize possible slam contracts, and then some conventions on how to arrive in the right place.

Exsqueeze me!; this class explains the art of squeezing the opponents in order to make your contracts.

Social to Duplicate: We take the student from the "party bridge" world into the "duplicate" world.  We explain the essence of duplicate, the scoring differences, the competitiveness of duplicate, bidding boxes, convention cards, and general duplicate play.   We take the student through BPS of duplicate - Bidding, Playing, and Scoring This class is always free. (Look for these on the calendar, or contact us for a one-on-one session.)

Let's Play Some Hands: the students deal a hand, bid and play it; then with the instructor's help, it is analyzed and discussed. We repeat this exercise over the course of an hour. 

Stay and Replay: after a play session, our instructors will stay around to let you discuss any boards played earlier that day.

With the exception of the Intro to Bridge classes, all classes are $15 per student, but always includes 1 free regular session play. Also, our Stay and Replay classes are always free.

We can't promise to make you the world's greatest bridge player, but we do promise to improve your game. 

ACBL sanctioned sessions


The cost is set at $5 per session.

Most of our games are "open" games - meaning that although stratified for master point gathering, a player might find themselves playing against someone with hundreds or maybe thousands of master points. 

Our "Newcomer" games means that all players are fairly new to sanctioned duplicate, and that all playing are at the same level (<20 master points). We might have an instructor or director playing in the game to make up a table, but they will not compete for master points. Although master points will be awarded, you DO NOT have to be an ACBL member to play. (And if you want to sign up for an ACBL membership, our staff will help you do this on-line.)

Duplicate involves strategy and tactical playing of cards, but most of all it is a wonderful social game.

Come out and make new friends. Our friendly staff and directors will help you enjoy your time at our academy.